Detecting Source Code Leakage


Source code leakage is significantly increasing due to converging technology trends such as the widespread use of cloud-based source control management systems, identity models that blend users’ personal and corporate accounts, increasing use of code-sharing sites and the prioritization of developer ease-of-use over strong security and governance policies.

While code theft and insider threats should always be accounted for inadvertent leaks are far more common. Even the best software development teams have experienced code leaks, whether Apple, Nissan, Uber, or even GitHub themselves. In fact, many leaks stem from basic governance mistakes.

This webinar covers:
  • Why protecting proprietary code remains important in an age of open source
  • Reducing the risks of external theft and insider threats
  • Reducing the risks of accidental leakage
  • Detecting code leaks 
  • What to do once a code leak has been identified
  • Demo of how Cycode Can Help

Presented by:

Ronen Slavin
Co-Founder and CTO
Andrew Fife
VP of Marketing