7 Critical GitHub Security Controls


GitHub is the most integral part of many development teams' SDLC. It is the source of truth for versioning of source code, which is software companies' core intellectual property. Furthermore, trends towards GitOps, aka Everything-as-Code, are concentrating more and more of the SDLC into GitHub including Infrastructure-as-Code, CI/CD settings documentation and even providing identity for development infrastructure tools.

Yet, securing GitHub has often been an afterthought as many teams prioritize feature velocity and developer agility. This webinar will cover 7 critical GitHub security controls that every organization should consider to:

  • Protect existing source code in the master branch
  • Secure pull requests with branch protection
  • Secure infrastructure as code
  • Enforce segregation of duties
  • Apply consistent security policies across GitHub.com and GitHub Enterprise

Presented by:

Ronen Slavin
Co-Founder and CTO
Andrew Fife
VP of Marketing